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Web Design VS Graphic Design | What is the difference?

Design is considered one of the most major aspect in any web or mobile app development project. In reality, there are many different agencies or businesses which are focused on certain aspects of the marketing industry. There are also some that offer a wide variety of marketing solutions from digital to print. Digital marketing is an industry that over the years have exponentially grown and will continue to grow as more and more of market are relying on technology.

Many companies will take advantage of this and discover the importance of having a mobile app or a website to reach their market. Developing either a mobile app or a website has it challenges but also comes with a potential for high reward. This all depends on how the mobile app and website functions to your services. Developing either of this will have a process and it may even take months to complete especially when there is more comprehensive backend to be developed. But at the early stages of development, there is also an important step to consider which is the design of your mobile app development or website.

Compared to years ago, most designers are only consider graphic designers. Since there are more businesses out there who are looking to have a solid digital presence. The digital industry has given birth to other types of designers, from web designers to UI/UX designers. However, some businesses are still not aware of the difference between graphic designers and web designers. Understanding the difference between these 2 roles is important in deciding on which agency to hire for your next digital project.

Graphic Designers

Graphic designers have been around for a very long long time, since the days of editorial publishing. The main understanding of graphic design is visual communication. This means these designers use graphics, images, graphs, and typography to communicate an idea. In the early days, graphic designers main role is for advertising and focusing on print projects. As the years go by and with technology advancement, these designers have started picking up new skills that require more flexibility from them. This means that they are also capable on working on print projects, website design and also mobile app design. You can think of these designers as an all rounder who can work on almost all aspects of the visual communication.

Graphic designers main concern is only working on the visuals and creation of the graphics that will be used in print, websites or mobile apps. They generally are concerned about the generalĀ programming of the website or mobile app. This will be important because there are certain limitations to what you are able to program on the website or mobile app.

Web Designers

Web designers generally have a similar role with graphic designers as they also create visuals. But the visuals created are more specific towards website and mobile app design. Web designers generally understand how a website functions and therefore will be able to create a website that will not only look good but also be functional at the same time. Web designers will understand the restrictions of a website or mobile app development. Examples of this are things such as image resolutions, and file sizes, etc. Web designers also have a basic understanding of the programming language which once the design phase is completed will be passed on to the developers for programming.

The difference between these 2 roles are important as they will determine the outcome of your digital project. Of course depending on your budget, you may have limited choices. Many people are still unaware of this difference, so sometimes when the project is completed the client may not be completely satisfied. Because you can’t expect a graphic designer to know everything a web designer can accomplish. With these basic understanding, the project may be completed with a better outcome.


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