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Tips On Creating a Compelling Landing Page

You probably heard about the results or functions of the landing page from your regular digital marketing briefing. After all, the landing page is an extension of your website that is commonly used by digital marketers to create a sales funnel. Traffic to the landing page is often generated through paid marketing means (think Google Ads or Facebook Ads) and the conversion rate is calculated based on the results (sales or leads) generated. A landing page provides a more targeted approach to your paid audience so they are being served important information about your products or services before they decide whether to buy or not.

Crafting a landing page is relatively easy today. You do not need to know how to code to create a landing page. There are a lot of famous WordPress page builders such as Elementor and WP Bakery that can help you create a landing page in a matter of hours. So with the advancement of software and scripts, why are there still many companies in Singapore looking to engage website design agency to help them with creating a landing page?

Creating A Landing Page Is Not Hard

You can get a landing page up and running in a matter of hours with modern WordPress page builders. The creation of a landing page is not rocket science. What’s hard however is the creation of a converting landing page. A landing page will remain an insignificant part of your website if it’s not converting your traffic to visitors. To make matter worse, a poor landing page will waste your marketing budget as you spend money to get paid traffics but yield no results. This is the reason why many companies in Singapore engage a website design agency to help them with creating a landing page. A website design agency, backed by years of experience, will know what to add to a landing page to make it functional as intended (which is to gain sales!).

There are no common standards or guides available online that helps to make sure your landing page is working. Trends on the landing page are constantly changing; what works last year may not work this year. However, you can reduce the rate of failure by implementing the following common practices, which have shown to work constantly:

Headline & Subheading

Think of a landing page headline as an elevator pitch. You only have a few valuable seconds to gain the attention of visitors coming to your landing page. You need to make sure the headline solves the pain problem of the visitors. A good headline on a landing page will help to garner interest, attention, and a quick understanding of the content of your landing page. Try to make your headline as short as possible.

Many beginners have tried to explain everything about their products in the headline. This is a serious mistake as it’s a turn-off for your visitors and might lead to a high bounce rate. Visitors will exit your website immediately as too much content can be scary to most. Instead, you should explain briefly how your products can solve their problem in the sub-heading, again without going into too many details!


A landing page without pictures in the content is destined for failure. This method might have worked in the 1990s when dial-ups were the only method to connect to the internet. Today, companies are paying more money to get the valuable attention of the internet to their products or services. To make sure your landing page can compete on the same level, try to incorporate some visuals to help visitors understand your products better. The brain process images faster than a wall of text and a quick glance into your visuals can help provide visitors an understanding of what your landing page is about.

The images you have on your landing page must be professional looking and attention-grabbing. Images must be relevant to what you are trying to advertise. You can’t have a shipping container as an image when what you’re selling are golf balls. This can confuse visitors. If you can’t afford to have professional photographers having photos taken, you can explore the use of stock photos. There are paid and free versions, depending on your requirements. Both serve the same purpose, with the paid stock photo featuring an extensive collection of photos you can use commercially.


Word of mouth is a great marketing tool. It’s free and it generates the most value in any marketing method. Reviews are important in today’s digital world. People search online to read about other’s experiences on your products or services before committing. On your landing page, you should have a testimonial section with pictures (if possible) explaining about your customer’s experience and how your products or services solved their problem.

Testimonials must be genuine and not fake. Consumers today are smart enough to distinguish between a fake and a real review. If you do not have reviews of your business, you should contact your existing customers and have them leave an honest review of your products or services.


There is more to a landing page than meets the eye. Creating a landing page is easy. Anyone can do it with ready-made tools and solutions. Creating a working landing page that can convert visitors into sales is not easy. It takes years of experience and skills to know which one is working and which one is not. On top of that, the working landing page varies greatly by industry. You cannot duplicate a landing page meant for beauty and expect it to be working for a shipping company. If you are unsure about the landing page and need help to create one, you should consider engaging a web design agency in Singapore to help you with this task. A poor landing page design can cause you to lose money!



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