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Website Development and Mobile App Development Understanding in Today’s Digital World


With increasing competition faced by businesses today, more and more companies are turning to the digital world as part of their solution for growth. The increasing tech-savvy millennials and ownership of mobile devices have driven the adoption of the internet through the roof. However, these are no easy tasks for someone who has no knowledge of how the digital world operates, more so when faced with budget constraints.


Websites today serve as a business presence in the digital world equivalent to a physical presence in the offline world. It is one of the strongest business assets digitally. Having a website lends credibility to businesses and is easily accessible round the clock. Consumers today are more likely to search online for your products and services before they even reach out to contact you to inquire more.

Creating a website should be one of the first steps a company look into when venturing into the digital world for the first time. But this is not an easy task either, for there are many web development companies in the market and choosing a good web design agency is important for your business. A web design agency is no longer just another vendor to build a website. With the evolving technologies demanding more of the consumers’ attention, there is an increasing need for User Interfaces and User Experience to be looked into. As such, web design agency now plays a vital role in the success of your digital crusade.

Aside from web development alone, web design is now growing to become one of the most important elements in web development. A well designed website retains the user on the website longer, allowing them to explore more of the business’s offerings. Whereas a bad design leads to a higher bounce rate, the user does not stay long enough and leaves the site without exploring the rest of the pages, which defeats the purpose of having a website. Colors, layout, photos and product orientation must be carefully chosen because you are showcasing your business to the global audience of the internet. Consider it as a presentation to the entire world!


With a website up and running, mobile app development becomes the next focus for businesses enthusiastic about differentiating between themselves and their competitors. Having a dedicated mobile app for your customers provides a more focused environment for users. Due to this, focus on mobile app development is important to drive promotional sales and maximise the value of consumer’s time on the app to drive growth.

Competition in the mobile app industry is growing. Before diving straight into mobile app development, businesses need to do some research on their target audience behaviour. Without this, the app creation is doom to fail since it does not fulfil the audience’s needs. Hence, researching and performing an in-depth study of the business nature, of the competitors and target audience is important. Is there enough demand? What is the value added to consumers using the app? Is this a unique solution? These are some of the questions need to be answered before going into mobile app development.

Understanding consumer behaviour as mentioned above is an integral part towards the success of your mobile app. Aside from mobile app design, a business needs to take into account the type of platforms people may use to access the app. As such, businesses need to develop the app for the top two mobile platforms, Android and iOS. If we look at the market share of each platform, Android is the leading market share but iOS has a stronger presence in developed countries. If your business is unable to develop an app for both platforms, this is where the earlier research into target audience comes in handy. Based on the research information, you should be able to decide on which platform to do mobile app development.

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