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The Importance of Web Design

Having a website is one thing but if you’re serious about online presence and gaining user traction then there are several things you might need to consider as a business owner. What does this even means? Wouldn’t my job end after having a website online on the internet? Well, apparently it’s not the end. Basically establishing your website online is just part of the basic step.

Most companies out there in Singapore considers web design done once their site is live. This is however far from truth. Successful companies out there in Singapore utilise the power of online by using the right SEO tactics in their marketing efforts and consistently optimising their site with the right ingredients. This is not a one day job however but in the long run SEO has always deliver results.

Website Design

Web design can ultimately influence the visitors to purchase a service or product from your website. It makes a difference in terms of audience perception and how they view your business. An impressive user interface will develop a sense of comfort which drives conversion rate growth, leading to better business revenues and profit. This in turn, can either make or break the business you are running.

We get it, creating a website cost a substantial amount of money, especially if you’re running a small to medium enterprises. Which is why we have collected a few tips for you to look out for when it comes to website design that converts. The following are some of the key points to look out for when searching for a web design agency:

1. Navigation

This is essentially the sitemap design for your website. Imagine building roads around your contents. All roads must be labelled correctly and accurately. Naturally the less turnings the better. This is the same for web design as well. A good web design agency will draw a draft sitemap that includes well labelled navigation bar on the menu linking to different pages on the website. If navigation is developed well, users will be able to surf around easily and understand your business better. The trend in web design in Singapore today is to go minimal so keep in mind “simplicity is the new complexity“.

2. Visual and Content

Different font and typography yields different impression when it comes to web design. It’s the fact why successful companies have their own custom fonts. Such visual aspect is important because it go along with the contents the website is trying to deliver to the audience. Readers will remember the contents well if the resembles the message concisely that the audience can associate with.

Care must be taken however to not overpopulate the site with these visual elements. Web pages that contains too much content elements will look unorganised and may drive audience away from your website. How is this possible? When you try to feed too much information to your audience, they become dull and difficult to read. Consider breaking down your contents into few pages. Ask your web design agency to streamline contents into texts and graphical contents. Experienced designer will know how to utilise the use of spaces to give rest on reader’s eyes and mind in the middle of their reading.

3. Branding

What sets your company apart from your competitors is branding. Brands are usually the factor that moves people to buy your products and services as it reflects the quality your business delivers to your client. It is always best in terms of web design to incorporate logos on all marketing materials, offline or digital. Hence it is important to use the same logo with the same colours and dimension in your website for consistency.

One benefit you derive from this is identification from your readers in all types of medium. If you use different sets of branding identification on your materials, this will confuse the readers and audience of your website and may gives the wrong impression to them. They may think there is something wrong with the business.

4. User Engagement

Aside from navigation menu and visual elements, as a business owner, you would want to ask your web design agency about user engagement in the new design. Ultimately, all business owners want high user engagement and one way to achieve this is to pay careful attention to web layout. Pages with easy and exception layout will look more appealing and engaging to audience. This will eventually drive growth in your user engagement ratio and sales. Thus, user engagement is indispensable that must be carefully taken into consideration when designing. Consider A/B testing your site with marginal differences to see which one is performing better. Speak to your Web development agency as they will know what to do here.

5. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

It’s always comfortable to read website contents from top to bottom and left to right. Hence your designer need to be creative and put the most important contents at upper left area. This is because most people start reading from there and it’s important to deliver the most important information from there. Web design agency knows this will increase the chances of information penetration to your audience who may eventually become your customers.

Aside from this, when it comes to web design, organisation of information is another key you need to pay special attention to. The use of visible areas for important details (such as the use of business keywords) may improve search engine crawling, resulting in higher search engine ranking. When your website is ranked highly, this usually drives new users and audience to your business website.


In conclusion, it’s important to know the design direction for your website. If your website is not converting or not doing its job, then something is wrong. You can diagnose the problem slowly or rope in professional help such as web development agency or web design agency to analyse what is wrong. Well managed website build trusts and trusts lead to personal relationship with your business. As customers trust increases, they will not have doubt about buying or subscribing your products or services, contributing to a more thriving business for you.

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