Ivan Chong

03rd Nov 2017, 7:41 am in Education

The Humanity of Design

Design, a Language for the Eyes

We are human beings, and nothing catches our attention than visual stimulus. Not so much data. To visually represent an idea or message is to effectively communicate it to the world.

Design, a Doorway to the Heart

Websites are consumed visually, so the design of a website’s layout and elements, to be palatable to the eyes, is key to it’s success. Design, through the eyes, speaks to the hearts of people. Through great design, emotions are communicated and memories are formed.

Premium Design

Websites, like all products, perform better when designed with a higher awareness for user experience.

Not only does exceptional design attract customers, it keeps them coming back. This is evident in Apple’s success. They showcase the effectiveness and power of beautiful, functional products. They also demonstrate the ability to sell these carefully designed consumer products at a premium, way above the competition.

Design to Impress

In our digital age, a website is most often a business’ first point of interaction with the world. People judge and form impressions based on the website. Well-designed websites invokes the viewer’s emotions and desires. An exceptional first impression is priceless.

In the long run, well-designed visuals keeps the viewer engaged and makes for happier paying customers.