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Connecting With Your Audience Through Web Design

Impressions Matter

What do you notice when you look at a person from afar? It most likely has something to do with their appearance. Whether it be their complexion, their shirt, or their shoes, you’ll conceive an initial impression by what is visually in front of you. A website’s design is no different.

Sure, there are many factors that come into play when attempting to connect to a target, and of course, good design is not just how a website looks. However, before even hoping to interact with a potential customer, it’s imperative that you grab their attention. No one wants to scroll through a bland website. Website design is vital.


~40% of website visitors leave if images either won’t load or take too long to load. 

~40% of website visitors cease engagement if they find it unattractive. 

At first, these statistics might not seem bad. However, these are the statistics when content is disregarded. If 40% of visitors leave a website before reading the content from it, it’s safe to say that when creating a website, you should have attention-grabbing images right before the visitor’s very eyes. Unless you can grab your audience’s attention in less than 5 seconds, you’re most likely going to lose them.

Connect With Your Audience

Quite frankly, there are numerous ways to connect with your target audience. In order to create a website that truly connects with your intended audience, the developer should utilize a few key factors for optimal interaction. 

People want to connect. The need for us to connect runs deep in our blood, and that’s a fact. People want to connect with other people, physically, mentally, emotionally, and in today’s age, digitally. Digital Connection. A phrase we’ve coined for the purpose of this blog. Thanks to experienced web designers, digitally connecting with your target audience will become a reality.

Communicate With Your Audience

Despite mindlessly typing from your laptop, remember who you’re typing towards – humans, other people, just like you. There are a few things to keep in mind when communicating with your audience;

    • First and foremost, before attracting others, the website must attract you, the owner. If the website owner doesn’t even like their own webpage, how can a majority of others like it? Stick to a niche design, you, yourself can emotionally relate to.
    • Secondly, structure your web design toward your intended audience. Include images and/or videos that will relate to what the audience is searching for. If your website involves apparel, don’t have background images of food. In retrospect, it’s simple to not do this, but you’d be surprised at the number of websites that have visuals unrelated to their product or service.
    • Thirdly, do not have visitors guessing what your product or service is about. Mention what you sell, or do. Include photos and design, relevant to your business as a whole. Obscure content is also why visitors leave websites.

A Few More Solutions

It’s important to note that, visitors of a website are generally looking for 3 things;

      1. Relevant Information
      2. A Product/Service
      3. Entertainment

      Even if you try to deny it, it’ll be hard. Try thinking of a website. We’re positive that the website that you thought of falls under at least one of these categories. Therefore, whether your website involves information on recipes, products related to clothing, or video entertainment to kill time, you’ll need to glue your audience to your webpage. So, essentially, you’ll need to;

      1. Provide relevant content – don’t go off topic, remember what your website offers, and offer it.
      2. Structure navigation – don’t put the home section at the bottom of the page, put these categories at the top of the page where visitors can instantaneously see it.
      3. Display contact information – putting your contact information at the bottom of the page is common, we get it, however, you should also post a sub-category at the top of the page for ease of access, wherever visitors are on your page.
      4. Engage with your visitors – be friendly, be clickable, and be relatable. This includes adding colorful images, and ambient interfaces.
      5. Be you – once again, we believe this is the most important factor in gaining traffic. Truly connect with your website, interact with your website, and engage with it. Only then, will others follow along.


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