Asretec serves as an advocate and catalyst for safety at the workplace by providing the highest quality training with up-to-date, practical technology and techniques. The company is prized by ministries, industry players and clients alike.

A Facelift For The Company

UI Design, eCommerce, Wordpress, Training Booking App

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Asretec stands for Access, Safety Rescue Training & Education Center. The Singapore-based company provides the highest quality training for safety at the workplace, with up-to-date, practical technology and techniques.

As more consumers are browsing online today, with increased exposure to more design trends in this digital age, Asretec wants to bring greater relevancy with its target audience. To do so, Asretec wishes to give a more modernised look for its website.

As an established company, Asretec has a huge array of information on the existing website. To better interest and engage prospective clients, Asretec wants to improve the online browsing experience, so prospective customers can easily search for information they need.

What We Deliver

To give it a modernised look, we use best practices that meet today’s web design standards, such as full-width banner image, responsive design, and ample white space.

To create a better user experience, we design the site to have a easy-to-nagivate 2 level menu bar with information categorised clearly, as well as prominent call-to-action to encourage enquiries and registration. First-time visitors are able to navigate their website with ease to search for relevant information.

Course details are lay out in a a clear and concise manner, providing user a good overview on the course essentials. At the same time, we conceptualise and added an interactive course calendar for bookings of training sessions. The improved registration workflow enable prospective customers to sign up for courses easily within few simple steps, encouraging sign-ups.