W Eye Clinic

W Eye Clinic provides comprehensive eye care services, from the young to the aged. The team takes pride in providing bespoke treatments tailored to each client’s unique lifestyle and requirements in achieving optimal vision.

Realising A Beautiful Vision

Web Design, Wordpress, Digital Marketing

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W Eye Clinic place great emphasis on patient care in achieving optimal vision performance, starting with thorough checks to determine the best procedure and treatment tailored to every patient’s desired lifestyle and needs.

As the consumer market becomes more technological savvy, they no longer fit into fixed demographics and with the range of platforms online, they look for and demand the best.

To better interest and engage new or existing customers, W Eye Clinic seeks to revamp their web design to inspire greater confidence and trust from their customers.

What We Deliver

For the new website look, we want to bring out a sense of class, comfort, and trust.

We include a video to showcase the clinic in 360 degrees view, as well as images that showcase the clinic doctor and staff at work, so customer can visualise themselves getting taken care of.

We also include a comprehensive list of services offered at the clinic, with useful information on each vision care service. A blog section is further added to share useful content or vision-related forums conducted by the clinic. This encourages greater customer assurance that there is a knowledgeable and competent team to care for their needs.

To create a more lightweight and versatile website, we upgraded the existing CMS (Content Management System) from Joomla to WordPress. The latter is also more friendly when it comes to optimising for the search engine. We also optimised their site architecture for SEO.

Lastly, we implemented a tight security measure to protect the website from any cybersecurity threats.